Launch fast. Measure. Learn. Iterate.

We make beautiful custom one-page sites with built in analytics, in 24 hours. No strings attached.
These are some of the sites we've made

A pro landing page that drives conversions.

Most websites are trying to sell you something. It just isn't very clear what that is.

We build concise, compelling pages that aim at converting visitors into customers. All in 24 hours.

Validate your idea

Have an idea for a startup? Test before you invest.

Sell your product

Got a book, digital product, or physical product to sell? Our pages have integrated payment.

Generate leads

Tell potential customers your story. Show prototypes. Collect email sign-ups.


Track every click

Our pages come with full Google Analytics installed.

One flat fee

No monthly maintenace fee here. We charge one flat fee, and train you how to update your site.

One page to rule them all

Add and remove sections, change styles, integrate payment, sign-ups, photos, videos. It's all possible.

What's missing?

Weeks lost ruminating over the 'perfect logo'; lengthy back-and-forths with an overpriced web designer; struggling with learning to code; apologetically handing out business cards while saying "my website is still work in progress"; amateurish template websites with no data on how many people are visiting.

All of this finally culminating in a complete loss of motivation for what was once a promising vision.

“Launch fast. Launching teaches you what you should have been building. Till you know that you're wasting your time.”
Paul Graham, Y Combinator

The Process.

We know you're busy, so our process is as painless as possible.

1. Choose your launch date

Select a date in our system. You don't have to pay anything, but a 25% deposit will give you priority over other clients.

2. Provide your content

We'll email you a list of information we need from you, including details about your business, objectives, and chosen domain name.

3. Wait 24 hours

We'll hand-code you a stunning responsive custom website exactly to your specifications.

4. Your site is launched

Et voila, your site is live and online, ready to receive customers. We leave you with clear instructions on how to maintain and use your site.

What our clients say.


Mike Waters

Founder at Knotwork

"Kieran was and continues to be a pleasure to work with! I discovered him on a networking site ( and after a quick exchange decided to meet on Skype and discuss my project. In one call I was sold and couldn't be happier with the result. Great product and great value. Thanks again!"


Kara Bartram

Founder at Rediscover Romeo

"I am still amazed at how quickly the Launchpad 24 team were able to make my ideas come to life! My website looks better than I could have imagined. I now feel excited and confident about my new business venture. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

“The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else.”
Eric Ries, The Lean Startup

A landing page is only as good as the data you get.

We don't just help you to track arrivals, we implement Google Analytics on every button on your site.

We then show you how to view and interpret the behaviour of your customers, using the Google Analytics platform.

As you gain an understanding of how your customers respond to your page, you can implement small changes to improve your conversion rate.

beautiful custom sites

Custom, responsive design. Choose your look and feel.

We customise colours, fonts, images, text, and layouts to make sure your site doesn't distract from the selling.

The majority of people will be looking at your site on a mobile device. All our sites are responsive, to make sure they have the best experience possible.

Ok, I want one

The Flat Fee.

Monthly maintenance fees? You won't find them here. We charge one-time flat fees with no hidden costs.

What's more, everything we create is owned by you.

Sales package

£500 or $750
  • The Standard package
  • plus
  • Integrated payment system

Design package

£600 or $900
  • Standard package
  • plus
  • Custom logo, typography, and images

Fast-track package

£700 or $1000
  • The Standard or Sales package
  • plus
  • 24 hr turnaround from the moment of purchase

Ok, I'm in. Build me a 24 hr landing page.

Just fill in the short form below and we'll get to work.

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*If you book without deposit, we will do our utmost to schedule you in on your chosen launch date, but priority will go to customers who book with a deposit. Thank you for understanding.